I like to think that the day I found out I was pregnant was the beginning of my journey into Motherhood. (Cliche alert!) It is the most unbelievable, life changing moment.

We went from being a contented couple of 4 and a half years, planning to go to *Disneyland, get engaged, go on holidays and attend festivals, all of which go hand in hand with boozing and generally non-pregnancy friendly activities, to a slightly terrified, very overwhelmed and excited couple with a tiny peanut in the oven!

I did the pregnancy test alone as soon as I got home from work, after spending the day dreaming of tiny baby feet and black and white scans and sharing the news in some cute way with my loved ones. I swore upon reading the result, blubbed my eyes out in disbelief and joy for about 90 seconds then called Conor, announcing ‘Well there’s a baby in there!’… his response was a long exhale, and what I like to imagine a very big smile.

Being a definite Mummy’s girl myself, I text her straight away asking her to come over after work and the stammered words of ‘Well, I am… Well I think I am anyway… I’m pregnant’. Her eyes got all watery and she hugged me and then began the usual Mum panic of ‘FOLIC ACID. YOU NEED TO TAKE FOLIC ACID. GET CONOR TO GET YOU SOME ON THE WAY HOME’

When Conor got home we hugged and I cried and probably just sat in disbelief for most of the evening, while stroking a tummy that was now creating a new life.
The new life that is currently snoring next to me on the sofa, tucked safely under the softest blanket that her Nana started knitting for her almost instantly…
Because before she even arrived she was the most loved and wanted baby.

With love, Amelia & Me x

*We DID go to Disneyland and it was amazing, but put our engagement on hold, and cancelled our festival tickets!



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